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Ann Marlowe

Visiting Fellow

Ann Marlowe, a Hudson Institute Visiting Fellow, is a writer and businesswoman based in New York City. A frequent traveler to Afghanistan who has embedded with the U.S. Army numerous times, Marlowe writes on Afghanistan's politics, economy, culture, and U.S. counterinsurgency strategy for the Wall Street Journal, the Weekly Standard, the New York Post, The Daily BeastNewsweek, and other outlets. In 2011 she made four reporting trips to Libya, spending almost four months in the country, and returned in March-April 2012.

Marlowe comments regularly on radio and television and has given speeches on Afghanistan and counterinsurgency to the U.S. Army, the Army War College, the U.S. State Department, and to college audiences nationwide. Marlowe previously served as a Media Fellow at the Hoover Institution, where she researched the origins of counterinsurgency theory.

Her monograph on the life and intellectual context of David Galula was published by the Strategic Studies Institute of the Army War College in 2010 and is now available on Kindle, as well as on their website.

Ann Marlowe received her B.A. in philosophy magna cum laude from Harvard University in 1979 and studied classical philosophy in Harvard's Ph.D. program. In 1984, she received an MBA in finance from Columbia University's Graduate School of Business.

Click here to read her World Affairs blog on the links between war and art and on the cultural context of counterinsurgency.

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