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Center for Political-Military Analysis

The Center seeks non-resident (“telecommuting”) interns year-round to help research and analyze a variety of foreign, defense, intelligence, and homeland security/counterterrorism policy issues. Interns may work full-time or part-time. They receive assignments, conduct research and analysis, and submit contributions via the Internet. Internships may last from four weeks to six months, with the option to renew.


Desirable qualifications include good research and writing skills as well as an interest in political and military issues throughout the world. Current research priorities include Russia and the other former Soviet republics, China and its neighbors, and WMD nonproliferation issues. Both those with a strong background in one or several of these areas and those eager to gain experience with these topics are encouraged to apply. Knowledge of a foreign language is desirable, but not required.

Application instructions

Please submit a one-page résumé or CV and a one-page cover letter. Your cover letter should be addressed to Dr. Richard Weitz and specifically address why you are interested in interning for the Center for Political-Military Analysis and how you plan to contribute to the Center’s research. We consider an eagerness to contribute to the Center and develop expertise in a topic policy that the Center works on at least as valuable as previous experience with that topic. Purdue Online Writing Lab has a helpful guide to writing cover letters. Upload your application as a single .PDF attachment.

Acceptance to this internship is rolling. Please use the message box on the next page to note your desired start date and, if known, how long you wish to intern. An estimated end date is fine. Internships typically last for six weeks, one semester, or six months, and interns generally may stay on past their proposed end date.

Please email the intern manager with any questions about this internship.

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