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Highlights: Coronavirus Insights and Analysis
An NYPD officer wearing a protective mask walks past an American Flag in an empty Times Square at night amid the coronavirus pandemic on April 22, 2020 in New York City.
Photo by Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Highlights: Coronavirus Insights and Analysis

Hudson Institute

A digest of Hudson’s recent key research examining the global impact of the coronavirus pandemic, updated daily. For all of Hudson’s COVID-related content, visit our coronavirus homepage.


READ: Under Cover of Pandemic, China Steps Up Brinkmanship in South China Sea — Hudson Institute’s Asia Pacific Security Chair Patrick Cronin in Foreign Policy discusses China’s use of the pandemic as a cover for increased paramilitary and political-legal actions in the South China Sea.

READ: The Post-Pandemic Military Will Need to Improvise — Hudson Senior Fellow Bryan Clark calls for new military approaches in order to overcome delays in technology development and training that have resulted from COVID-19.

READ: Expand Missile Defenses During the Pandemic, Don’t Cut Them — Hudson Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs in Defense News discusses the importance of safeguarding the American people from efforts to exploit the global preoccupation with COVID-19.


READ: Boris and Bibi Ride Coronavirus Pandemic Popularity — Hudson Senior Fellow Walter Russell Mead discusses the relative successes of Prime Ministers Boris Johnson of Britain and Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel as coronavirus continues to test leadership across the world.

WATCH: Blame and Counter-Charges: The U.S.-China Rhetorical War Over COVID-19 — Hudson Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs discusses the ongoing rhetorical war between China and the U.S. as the coronavirus pandemic continues.

READ: To Confront China After Coronavirus, We Must See the Bigger Picture — Hudson Institute Senior Vice President Lewis Libby in National Review discusses the importance of holding China accountable for its role in the coronavirus pandemic and confronting the overall threat of the CCP.


READ: Congress Plans to Steal the Coronavirus Vaccine — Hudson Senior Fellow Adam Mossoff in RealClear Policy criticizes Congressional move seize ownership of future coronavirus drugs from biotech companies.

READ: Capitalism Needs To Be Supervised — Hudson Senior Fellow Irwin in The Times discusses the economic consequences of coronavirus.


READ: Decoupling the US Economy from China after COVID-19 — Hudson Senior Fellow John Lee considers the future of U.S.-China trade relations and discusses the importance of economic decoupling following the coronavirus pandemic.

READ: The Potential Impact of the Pandemic on the US and EU Auto Sectors — Hudson Senior Fellow Thomas Duesterberg discusses the impact of coronavirus on the auto sector in the U.S. and Europe.

READ: Three Changes Big Food Must Make In Wake Of Coronavirus Perfect Storm — Hudson Senior Fellow Hank Cardello in Forbes Magazine calls attention to inequality in the national’s health care system and in its people’s access to healthy food that have been revealed by the coronavirus pandemic.

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