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Coronavirus: Insights and Analyses on the Global Impact
Pedestrians are seen wearing protective face masks while walking in New York City as people remain at home to stop the spread of coronavirus on March 29, 2020 in New York City. (Noam Galai/Getty Images)
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Coronavirus: Insights and Analyses on the Global Impact

Hudson Institute

As leaders in the United States and around the world work to combat the spread of COVID-19, the impact of the virus has only begun to be felt. In the nation’s capital, the president, his administration, and Congress are making decisions that will have global implications for months and years to come.

Hudson’s experts continue analyze every angle of the pandemic and give insight on what Americans should expect moving forward.

READ: Will China Use the COVID-19 Pandemic to Advance its Economic Interests? The Case of Technology Standards — Senior Fellow Tom Duesterberg discusses China’s attempts to exploit the ongoing coronavirus crisis to further its campaign to overtake the West in technology and political influence.

READ: China Is Not a Coronavirus Role Model — Hudson COO John Walters writes in the Wall Street Journal on the mess created by the Chinese Communist Party’s cover-up and why we’ll need the free world’s innovation to get out of it.

READ: Combating China’s COVID-19 Propaganda Offensive to Undermine the United States on the Global Stage — Hudson Senior Fellow John Lee details how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is exploiting COVID-19 in an effort to reshape the global order and enhance China’s international leadership at the expense of the US.

READ: How China is Exploiting the Coronavirus to Weaken Democracies — Hudson Senior Fellow Peter Rough explains how Beijing is taking every opportunity during this crisis to drive wedges between members of the European Union.

WATCH: What Can We Learn From Overseas to Beat COVID-19? — Hudson Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs joined Fox Business to discuss measures that have been taken around the world to fight the spread of Coronavirus.

READ: China’s Coronavirus Opportunity — Hudson Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead in the Wall Street Journal on why if the West turns inward, Beijing will continue to exploit the pandemic’s chaos.

READ: Make America the Medicine Chest of the World — Hudson Senior Fellow Arthur Herman in the Wall Street Journal says the U.S. should take a page from FDR’s ‘arsenal of democracy’ and mobilize industry to fight Covid-19.

READ: To Protect the Future, Hold China to Account — Hudson Senior Vice President Lewis Libby in National Review explains that “In any just and lawful setting, actors who recklessly pursue hazardous activities would be held accountable for foreseeable harm caused to others.”

READ: Four Geostrategic Implications Of The Coronavirus In The Indo-Pacific — Hudson Senior fellow Patrick Cronin in Eurasia Review on why coronavirus is a geostrategic challenge to America’s power and influence in the Indo-Pacific.

READ: The Coronavirus and Europe — Hudson Senior Fellow Peter Rough in Eurasia Review writes why the coronavirus may very well signal the beginning of the end of Europe’s export-led economic model.

READ: No, the White House didn’t ‘dissolve’ its pandemic response office. I was there. — Hudson Senior Fellow Tim Morrison dispels the myth suggesting President Trump “dissolved the office” at the White House in charge of pandemic preparedness.


READ: Food Industry: Tell Americans There Is Plenty of Food — Hudson Senior Fellow Hank Cardello in Forbes Magazine calls for the food industry to provide leadership to the American people in order to help alleviate concerns of a possible food shortage.

READ/WATCH: Testimony: The Coronavirus and America’s Small Business Supply Chain — Senior Fellow Tim Morrison’s testimony before the U.S. Senate Committee on Small Business & Entrepreneurship March 12, 2020.

READ: China’s Mask Mercantilism — Associate Director of the Center for the Future of Liberal Society, Mike Watson, writes in National review about why “hoarding urgently needed medical supplies and then selling them abroad is not charity, no matter what the China propagandists say.”

READ: Patent Term Extensions Will Help Speed up Development of Coronavirus Drugs — Senior Fellow Adam Mossoff in Washington Times on why price controls will only dash the hopes of patients seeking a vaccine.

WATCH: American CDC Officials Shouldn’t Go to Wuhan — Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury joins Lou Dobbs on Fox Business to discuss America’s dependency on China for medical supplies.

READ: Coronavirus Tests U.S. Medical System’s Unhealthy Reliance on China for Drugs, Supplies — Senior Fellow Tim Morrison in NBC on the insecurity of the U.S. medical supply chain and the danger of its reliance upon China.


WATCH: Viral Outbreak Handling Is A Failure of Leadership — Hudson Senior Fellow Brendan Brown joins Caroline Hepker and Roger Hearing on Bloomberg Daybreak Europe to discuss a debt-for-equity swap and the failures of politicians in Europe and the U.S. in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

READ: The Coronavirus May Make Trump Stronger — Hudson Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead in the Wall Street Journal writes why the establishment is clueless when it comes to voters’ approval of Trump’s handling of the crisis.

READ: Coronavirus and the Chinese Economy: Watching for Signs of a Further Slowdown — Hudson Senior Fellow John Lee’s report on the key indicators of acute anxiety and panic by Chinese authorities in response to a slowing Chinese economy.

READ: The Oil and Gas Sector’s Future — Hudson Senior fellow Thomas Duesterberg in Forbes on how coronavirus has impact the world’s oil and gas markets.

READ: Coronavirus: Central Banks Stand Ready with More ‘Stimulus’ — Senior Fellow Brendan Brown in MISES Institute about the economic impact of the Coronavirus outbreak.

WATCH: Trump Played Successful Role in Handling Coronavirus — Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury joins Elizabeth MacDonald on Fox Business discusses the slow down of Chinese coronavirus infections and what it could mean for the stock market.

WATCH: Coronavirus Outbreak Puts Spotlight on False Narrative of China’s Economy — Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury joins Fox Business’s Maria Bartiromo to discuss coronavirus and China’s economy.

LISTEN: Clues on Dealing With Virus From Other Extreme Events — Senior Fellow Brendan Brown discusses the economic shock caused by the ongoing coronavirus outbreak with Nejra Cehic and Roger Hearing on Bloomberg Daybreak Europe.


READ: Failure to Confront China’s Corruption Will Exacerbate Coronavirus Crisis — Hudson Research Fellow Nate Sibley in Eurasia Review warns that the international community’s failure to acknowledge the CCP’s corruption will diminish efforts to effectively confront the coronavirus crisis.

READ: To Protect the Future, Hold China to Account — Hudson Senior Vice President Lewis Libby in National Review calls for world leaders to hold China accountable for its role in delaying the global response to the coronavirus outbreak.

READ: Will Coronavirus Kill Populism? — Hudson Distinguished Fellow Walter Russell Mead in the Wall Street Journal states that “Trump’s 2016 victory shook the world, but his re-election would be more consequential.”

WATCH: All the Power, All the Blame: Xi Jinping’s Risky Centralization BetCOVID-19’s massive toll in China reveals a new risk for Xi Jinping, notes Hudson Senior Fellow John Lee for Bloomberg Daybreak. With all governmental authority centralized, members of the party are questioning Xi’s governance during the coronavirus crisis.

READ: Will the Coronavirus Save Netanyahu? — Hudson Senior fellow Michael Doran explains why Netanyahu’s response to coronavirus shows he is one of the most adroit politicians of our time.

LISTEN: The Impact of the Coronavirus in the UKBruno Maçães joins the Rule Britannia podcast to discuss the unprecedented oil wars and ongoing spread of coronavirus in the UK.

READ: No Amount of Censorship Can Stop the China Debate — Senior Fellow John Lee discusses Xi Jinping’s attempts to salvage his personal standing and reputation as the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread.

READ: Conceit and Contagion: How the Virus Shocked Europe — Hudson Senior Fellow Bruno Maçães writes that the coronavirus is reflecting a profound change in the way the European continent sees itself.

WATCH: Chinese Coronavirus Cover-Up — Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury joins Lou Dobbs on Fox Business to discuss the World Health Organization and the Chinese propaganda surrounding the spread of Coronavirus.

READ: Travels with the Coronavirus — Senior Fellow Bruno Maçães in POLITICO chronicles his travels through Asia as the coronavirus crisis began its global spread.

READ: Coronavirus and the Clash of Civilizations — Senior Fellow Bruno Maçães discusses cultural and political differences that are emerging as the coronavirus spreads across the world.

WATCH: What Coronavirus Reveals About Capitalism — Senior Fellow Robert Spalding discusses China’s role in the Coronavirus epidemic.

READ: Transcript: The China Challenge: A Conversation with Senator Rick Scott — AT a recent Hudson Institute event, Senator Rick Scott and Senior Fellow Patrick Cronin discuss the threat of China and the coronavirus outbreak.

WATCH: Trump Cultivating India Relationship to Counter China — Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs joins Neil Cavuto on Fox Business to discuss America’s relationship with India and China’s lack of transparency surrounding the initial outbreak of Coronavirus.

WATCH: Coronavirus’s Impact on China’s Leadership — Senior Fellow Patrick Cronin comments on the impact of Coronavirus on China’s leadership structures and geopolitical status.

READ: China is the Real Sick Man of Asia — Senior Fellow Walter Russell Mead discusses the impact of the coronavirus outbreak on China’s global position and reputation as world power.

WATCH: Controlling the Crisis — Senior Fellow Michael Pillsbury joins Lou Dobbs to discuss China’s rejection of U.S. aid to help fight the spread of Coronavirus.


READ: Coronavirus unmasks America’s real national security vulnerabilities — Hudson Senior Fellow Robert Spalding demonstrates how coronavirus provides a stark reminder that industrial capability is a component of any nation’s security.

READ: Contrary to What the Media Told You, Trump Did Not Weaken Biodefense — Senior Fellow Tim Morrison is quoted in The Federalist about the NSC’s biodefense capabilities and allegations that the pandemic response team was dissolved.

WATCH: China Pushes Theory That U.S. Started the Coronavirus Outbreak — Senior Fellow and Director for China Strategy Michael Pillsbury joined Fox News to discuss China’s attempts to turn the blame for the Coronavirus outbreak back on the U.S.

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