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Curtin Winsor, Jr.

Board Member

Curtin Winsor was born in Philadelphia, PA on April 28, 1939. He received his B. A. (English Lit.) from Brown University in 1961. His Masters (MA) was received in 1964, in Latin American Area Studies and his Ph.D. degree was in International Studies from the School of International Service of American University, Washington, DC, in 1971. Dr. Winsor was a Research Assistant at the Special Operations Research Office of American University from 1964-67. He entered the career US Foreign Service in February, 1967. His first assignment was to the US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, where he did research on nuclear nonproliferation issues until 1970. He served at the Office of Congressional Relations at the Department of State through 1971, when he resigned from the career Foreign Service to take a Professional Staff position on Capitol Hill.

Dr. Winsor became Special Assistant to Senator Bob Dole, the Chairman of the Republican National Committee, in June, 1971. He wrote speeches and did issues work for the Chairman and other key Republicans on foreign policy subject. He held this position until May 1973, when he moved to the private sector, as Manager for International Affairs at the Washington Office of the Chase Manhattan Bank. He was a registered representative of the Bank with the US Congress and Executive Branch from 1973 to 1979. At the request of Chase's Chairman, David Rockefeller, he became the Deputy Director of the Alliance for Free Enterprise, a not for profit entity, formed to support free trade and free market issues by David Rockefeller (and US Senator Russell Long), from 1979 to 1983.

Dr. Winsor became one of the early foreign policy advisors to the Presidential Campaign of Ronald Reagan in February of 1980. He was sent as Special Emissary to the Middle East by President-elect Ronald Reagan immediately following the 1980 election. He met with the Chiefs of State of Egypt, Oman and Tunisia in this capacity, and he returned to serve on the Reagan Transition Teams for the Department of State (NEA and OES Bureaus) and AID. He was subsequently offered positions at the beginning of the Reagan presidency, but problems in his own newly formed company initially interfered. When President Reagan subsequently asked Dr. Winsor to serve as US Ambassador to Costa Rica from 1983 to 1985, he was able to serve. His mission was to assist the reform of Costa Rica's then overly static economic structure and to help the country to resist problems arising from the neighboring Communist Sandinista regime in Nicaragua. Amb. Winsor later served as Senior Consultant on Central America to the Under Secretary of Defense for Policy from 1985 to 1987.

Amb. Winsor has been the chairman and owner of the American Chemical Services Company of Marmet, WV since 1979. ACSCo is a sub-S company that produces, blends, stores and ships a wide assortment of chemicals used by the coal industry. He was President of the Legislative Studies Institute (LSI) from 1993 to 1996.The LSI trained congressional staff and young persons wishing to become such and assisted in placing them with members of both Houses of Congress. Amb. Winsor serves on the Board of the DynaMotive Corporation of Vancouver, BC. He also serves on the boards of not-for-profit institutions, including: The William H. Donner Foundation of New York (as President in 2003); The Donner Canadian Foundation of Toronto; The Atlas Foundation for Economic Research of Fairfax, VA; The American Council of Trustees and Alumni of Washington, DC; Africare, in Washington, DC and The Media Research Center of Alexandria, VA. Amb. Winsor has participated as an invited official election observer at the Mexican National Elections of 1994, the Guatemalan National Elections of 1990, the Russian Presidential Election of 2000 and the General election of 2001 in Nicaragua. He was Vice Chairman of the Mexico-US Institute (MUSI) from 1987-1990.

Amb. Winsor has published articles in a number of magazines, including: the Washington Quarterly, Orbis, Rumbo Centroamericano, Philanthropy, The Ambassador's Review and Global Affairs. His articles and op-ed pieces have been published in the Wall Street Journal, The Washington Times, The Baltimore Sun, The San Francisco Chronicle, The Houston Chronicle, The Chicago Tribune, El Norte (Monterey, Mexico) and La NaciĆ³n (Costa Rica).He has appeared on national television, including: CNN News, Crossfire (CNN), Larry King Live (CNN), Nightline (ABC), CBS News, World Watch (NET) and The Reporters (Fox TV). Amb. Winsor is married to the former Ann Hanbury of New York City. They have five children and five grandchildren. He is fluent in Spanish.