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Hanns Kuttner

Senior Fellow

Hanns Kuttner is a Senior Fellow at Hudson Institute. His career spans the policy and research world.  During the presidency of George H.W. Bush, he was part of the White House domestic policy staff with responsibility for health and social service programs. Most recently, he was a research associate at the University of Michigan’s Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured.  He has also worked for the federal agency which runs the Medicare and Medicaid programs and advised the state of Illinois on restructuring its human service programs.

He has written extensively about issues relating to Americans’ health insurance status and the potential for improving the American health care system. With Gail Wilensky and Joseph Antos, he wrote, “The Obama Plan: More Regulation, Unsustainable Spending,” published in Health Affairs, the policy journal of the health sphere, in September 2008. His current research projects look at alternative ways to pay physicians and health insurance decisions by small employers.

Kuttner has an A.B. from Princeton University. His graduate training was at the University of Chicago, where he received an M.A. degree from the Irving B. Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies.

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