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Eric B. Brown

Senior Fellow

Eric Brown is a senior fellow at Hudson Institute where he studies Asian and Middle East affairs, international security and development, alternative geopolitical futures, and U.S. diplomacy and strategy. He is also the editor, with Hillel Fradkin and Husain Haqqani, of the review Current Trends in Islamist Ideology. In recent years, his work has focused on the contest over order in West Asia, the geo-strategic ramifications of growing Trans-Asian connectivity, coping with state fragility, and U.S. security strategy.

For 15 years, he has conducted research across Eurasia on strategic, governance, educational and political issues as well as on developing new expeditionary diplomacy and stabilization tools and plans. He has a special interest in the geopolitics of mountainous areas, from the Zagros to the Himalayas. In 2017, he completed a field-work intensive study on U.S. alliances from the Maghreb to India, and on strategies for bolstering allies against state fragility and breakdown and expanding grey zone conflict.

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