Kleptocracy Initiative

Kleptocracy Initiative

Hudson Institute’s Kleptocracy Initiative explores how transnational corruption is reshaping global politics and security. Launched in response to Russia’s first invasion of Ukraine in 2014, its cutting-edge research has played a leading role in elevating the fight against authoritarian kleptocracy to become a core US national security concern.

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It is no coincidence that the world’s most corrupt regimes also pose the greatest threat to global security. Major US adversaries including China, Iran, and Russia are all structured as kleptocracies: Entrenching their authoritarian rule through corrupt domestic networks, and exporting corrupt practices globally to advance malign foreign policy objectives.

KI conducts advanced policy research on safeguarding the integrity of the US financial system, targeting the corrupt foundations of authoritarian adversaries, and advancing US global leadership.

Policy Center News

Nate Sibley was quoted in National Interest about the FinCEN Files and global efforts to combat illicit finance.

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Charles Davidson quoted in The Washington Post on the use of real-estate to obscure the identities of the uber-wealthy

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Ben Judah’s new report, The Kleptocracy Curse: Rethinking Containment written up in The Diplomat

Marius Laurinavičius quoted in Delfi on Russian foreign policy

Julie Davidson quoted in New York Times on why the recently-deceased Mikhail Lesin’s questionable investments weren’t ever investigated

Hudson’s Kleptocracy Initiative event with Dr. Mark Galeotti mentioned in Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Event: Fighting Kleptocracy

Remarks made by Dr. Mark Galeotti at a Hudson event on Russia’s kleptocracy quoted in RFE/RL

Charles Davidson quoted in CNN on kleptocracies and autocracies




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