Current Trends in Islamist Ideology

Current Trends in Islamist Ideology

Volume 28

Al-Qaeda After the Arab Spring: A Decade of Expansion, Losses, and Evolution Katherine Zimmerman The Routinization of the Islamic State’s Global Enterprise Haroro J. Ingram, Craig Whiteside & Charlie Winter Yemen’s Clash of Two Revolutions Baraa Shaiban Islam Without Supremacism: A Conversation with Maria Khan Aparna Pande & Maria Khan The Popular Front of India: Looking Beyond the Sensationalism Mohammed Sinan Siyech

About Current Trends

Current Trends in Islamist Ideology

Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, a project of Hudson Institute’s Center on Islam, Democracy, and the Future of the Muslim World, is edited by Hudson senior fellows Hillel Fradkin, Husain Haqqani, and Eric Brown.

Founded in 2005, Current Trends is published twice a year and aims to promote an analytical discussion of the global Islamist movement and the rival streams within it, as well the Muslim search for religious and political alternatives to political Islam.

The editors of Current Trends will accept and review unsolicited manuscripts from authors around the world. In general, we are looking for essays that are 4500-5500 words in length, that draw from primary resources, and that provide new insights into the varieties of Islamism worldwide.

To submit an essay, or for additional information about the Center and its work, please email us.