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Benjamin Netanyahu Receives Hudson Institute’s Herman Kahn Award

Hudson Institute

Hudson Institute has honored Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel with the 2016 Herman Kahn Award. At an awards ceremony hosted at The Plaza Hotel in Manhattan on Thursday night, Prime Minister Netanyahu engaged in an on-stage conversation with Roger Hertog, noted philanthropist and chairman of the Tikvah Fund. A transcript and video of the extended remarks are available on Hudson Institute’s website.

Named after Hudson Institute’s founder, the Herman Kahn Award is presented to leading public servants who exemplify a commitment to Western alliances as the bedrock of global security, prosperity, and freedom. Prime Minister Netanyahu was honored for his lifetime of service to Israel; his nation’s efforts to combat Islamic radicalism; his stewardship of path-breaking Israeli diplomatic initiatives in Asia, Africa and Latin America; and his transformative leadership of Israel’s thriving, pro-growth economy.

“I read Herman Kahn in my distant youth,” said Prime Minister Netanyahu during the event. “And I remember that Herman Kahn wrote about obviously many interesting things, gripping things, vital things, strategies that affect the life of nations.”

“No world leader has done more to transform his country’s economy, to open markets and deregulate, and to turn his country into a start-up nation [which is] the model for the developed world,” said Hudson Institute President Kenneth Weinstein in his remarks. Prime Minister Netanyahu has accomplished all of this “while facing security challenges few can imagine having to face on a daily basis.”

“[Prime Minister Netanyahu] enriched our understanding of the Mideast, of Israel, and of this particular moment in history and its relevance for history,” said Sarah Stern, Hudson Institute’s Chairman of the Board of Trustees. “It’s been a great dialogue, but not unusual for Hudson. Our experts engage every day with world leaders and with policymakers to strengthen our mission, which is the mission of strengthening America in concert with our allies.”

Past Hudson Institute honorees include Ronald Reagan, Henry Kissinger, Rupert Murdoch, Dick Cheney, Joseph Lieberman, David Petraeus, and Shinzo Abe. A transcript of Roger Hertog’s dialogue with Prime Minister Netanyahu is available here. For additional information, please contact Carolyn Stewart at [email protected]