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Vice President Mike Pence Receives 2017 Herman Kahn Award

The Vice President of the United States
The Honorable Mike Pence

Rupert Murdoch

A friend of Hudson Institute over many years, Vice President Pence has steadfastly dedicated himself to the betterment of our country. As a member of Congress, governor, and now as vice president, he has been a proponent of American global leadership, and a fervent defender of free markets. In short, he is a champion of the ideals we have promoted since the visionary Herman Kahn founded Hudson Institute in 1961.

Vice President Pence joins a distinguished group of exceptional leaders honored by Hudson, including Ronald Reagan, Shinzō Abe, Henry Kissinger, Joseph Lieberman, David Petraeus, George Shultz, Rupert Murdoch, and most recently, Benjamin Netanyahu. We are beyond pleased to honor Vice President Pence.

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