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Hudson Institute Political Studies

Hudson Institute Political Studies

John P. Walters & Rachel Mackey

Hudson Institute Political Studies is pleased to announce its 2020 Summer Fellowship. Undergraduates are encouraged to apply to study political theory and practice, strategic thinking, and public policy in the nation’s capital.

The 2020 Fellowship features:

  • Rigorous seminars led by master teachers on week-long topics in
    political theory and public policy. Students read Machiavelli, Plato, Locke, The Federalist Papers, Lincoln, Tocqueville, Shakespeare, and more.
  • Interactive policy workshop simulations led by think tank and government experts in which students engage the policymaking process, studying foreign and domestic policy from Asia to the Middle East, and from Supreme Court jurisprudence to biotechnology.
  • Distinguished Speaker Series featuring national leaders from government, business, journalism, the military, and the academy providing insights on public service, pressing issues, and enduring political questions.

Learn more and apply online here.