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About the Center for Defense Concepts and Technology

Bryan Clark, Dan Patt & Timothy A. Walton

Hudson Institute’s Center for Defense Concepts and Technology examines the evolving field of military competition and the implications of emerging technologies for defense strategy, military operations, capability development, and acquisition. The center focuses on a comprehensive view: connecting strategy with new operational concepts; assessing the weapons and systems needed to implement new concepts; and evaluating the necessary commitment of resources.

The center’s scholars are focusing their initial research on the growing centrality of information and decision-making in military operations. U.S. and allied militaries face great power and regional adversaries with improving capabilities and geographic advantages. Deterring and defeating aggression by these competitors will require military concepts that emphasize maneuver warfare and decision superiority rather than the attrition-focused approaches of the post-Cold War era. Tools and processes for harnessing and exploiting information will likely form the foundation of 21st century military superiority in the same way that chemistry, physics, and material sciences built the capabilities needed during 20th century conflicts.

The center will be chaired by Hudson Senior Fellow Bryan Clark and supported by Hudson Fellow Timothy A. Walton. The center’s board of advisors includes:

  • Christian Brose, chief strategy officer of Anduril Industries
  • Dr. William Conley, chief technology officer of Mercury Systems
  • Jaymie Durnan, deputy assistant to the Director for Strategic Initiatives at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Lincoln Laboratory
  • Dr. John Evans, chief executive officer of Carillon Technologies
  • Maj. Gen. Michael Fantini (USAF, Ret.) former acting deputy chief of staff for Strategy, Integration and Requirements (A5), and director of the Air Force Warfighting Integration Capability (AFWIC)
  • Adm. Jonathan Greenert (USN, Ret.), former chief of naval operations
  • Lt. Gen. Tony Ierardi (USA, Ret.) lead for strategic partner engagement at Rebellion Defense and former director of Force Structure, Resources, and Assessment (J8), U.S. Joint Staff

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