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Hudson Launches New Energy Security Initiative

Hudson Launches New Energy Security Initiative

Hudson Institute

“Our energy policy should liberate, not constrain, the economy and our industrial base.”

WASHINGTON — Hudson Institute launched its new Initiative on American Energy Security today, which will examine and promote energy policies that prioritize energy security, economic security, and national security and propose a realistic path to transition to renewable energy sources. The initiative is led by Senior Fellow Brigham McCown, a veteran of the energy industry, government, and the military.

“Energy security is foundational to American prosperity and security at home and to our leadership across the globe,” said Hudson President and CEO John Walters. “Our energy policy should liberate, not constrain, the economy and our industrial base. Leading innovation and the creation of energy technology for tomorrow requires robust, reliable energy sources today.”

In light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, this initiative will examine energy’s role in U.S. foreign policy, the importance of energy in military operations, the geostrategic value of energy independence, and a responsible energy transition to renewables.

Sen. Dan Sullivan of Alaska will join McCown to discuss his energy policy priorities and the new initiative in an event premiering Thursday, September 29 at 10 a.m EDT on

Read Brigham McCown’s recent op-ed in the New York Post, “How We Can Help Europe Fight Back against Putin’s Gas Warfare,” and watch Senior Fellow Tom Duesterberg’s conversation with Sen. Bill Cassidy on the future of U.S. energy production.

Click here for more information about the initiative.

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