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Hudson Institute Will Move to Washington, D.C.

Hudson Institute

INDIANAPOLIS The Hudson Institute Board of Trustees resolved today that the institute move its headquarters from Indianapolis, IN and consolidate its offices and research activities in Washington, D.C.

With the war on terrorism overarching national concern, it is the boards opinion that Hudson should return to its roots of national security and foreign policy by placing greater emphasis on these research areas. The best place for Hudson to do this is in Washington, D.C., said Hudson Institute President Herb London.

The institutes headquarters will begin operating from Hudsons current Washington, D.C. office beginning June 1. Hudson researchers in Indianapolis will continue their research currently under contract until completion.

The remaining Indianapolis research staff anticipates consolidating their work into a new think tank, led by current Hudson Director of Civil Society Programs Jay Hein. Hein said of the consolidation, While we regret the end of Hudsons formal tenure in Indianapolis, we are quite excited about preserving the legacy of research that is rooted in Indiana values and common sense and which continues to influence Washington and beyond.

Indianapolis has been a welcoming and supportive host to the institute. We are indebted to the Indianapolis community and particularly to Lilly Endowment for their enduring support. It is with great sorrow that we leave the city, said Hudson Institute Chairman Walter P. Stern.

As a public policy think tank, Hudson Institute forecasts long-term trends and designs near-term solutions for government, business, and the non-profit world. We share optimism about the future and a willingness to question conventional wisdom. We believe in free markets, individual responsibility, the power of technology, and a determination to preserve America’s national security. For more information about Hudson Institute, visit our website at or call 800-HUDSON-0.