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Noble Energy’s Charles D. Davidson Recognized with Hudson Institute’s Global Leadership Award

NEW YORK, Dec. 10, 2013— Hudson Institute recognized Charles D. Davidson of Noble Energy, Inc. with its first ever Global Leadership Award at a gala dinner held at the Pierre Hotel. Davidson was honored today for his transformative successes in developing energy resources in the United States and Eastern Mediterranean, which have led to enhanced U.S. energy security and competitiveness and turned the Eastern Mediterranean into a burgeoning energy-producing region.

“We are seeing a renaissance in manufacturing in the U.S. New projects totaling tens of billions of dollars have been announced in the U.S., taking advantage of the abundance and lower costs of natural gas. The recent boom in oil and gas development here in the US has supported two million jobs last year and added $300 billion to our GDP,” said Charles Davidson during the awards ceremony. “Our world in the U.S. today barely resembles what we were imagining just five years ago.”

The award follows the recent announcement of Noble Energy’s eighth consecutive energy discovery in the Levant Basin, a natural gas field in the Tamar Southwest Well offshore Israel. “Without a doubt, energy is transforming Israel just as it is the US,” Davidson said of the recent discoveries. “It has opened the door to energy security and possibly energy independence. Like the U.S., Israel will almost certainly become an exporter of energy. An amazing change of events in just four years,” he added.

Mitch E. Daniels, former Governor of Indiana and past president of Hudson Institute, presented the Global Leadership Award. Hudson Board Chair Sarah May Stern and Hudson President & CEO Kenneth Weinstein also made remarks during the ceremony.

Hudson’s new Global Leadership Award highlights the prerequisites for global leadership—including strategic vision, dedication to strong alliances, open markets and innovation—celebrating and recognizing farsighted leaders who have made exceptional contributions to the security, prosperity, and freedom of the United States and its allies.

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