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Revolution 2016: Trump, Sanders, and the Need for More Human Politics April 29th Event

Hudson Institute-EPPC Summer Movie Series Presents: "Breaking Away" (1979)

Hudson Institute-EPPC Summer Movie Series Presents: "Badlands" (1973)


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“You Can’t Say I Didn’t Warn You about Facebook”

Harold Furchtgott­Roth

Harold Furchtgott-Roth joins Jim Blasingame to report on the curating practice by Facebook that discriminates against conservative postings....

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The Nemesis of the California Bureaucracy Is Running for the California Assembly

Jeffrey H. Anderson

One suspects that CalTrans will regret not having given in sooner to the former Marine....

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Of Deer, Terrorism, and Liberal Triumphalism

Walter Russell Mead

The American political establishment keeps getting more and more caught up in glittering fantasies and theories about inevitable liberal triumph....

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