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Iran Sanctions: Mounting Pressure or Concessions to Europe?

The Ambassadors Series: French Ambassador Discusses the Evolving U.S.-French Relationship

Transatlantic Crossroads: What To Expect from the NATO Summit July 12 Event

Poland, NATO, and the Future of Eastern European Security June 26 Event

The U.S. and the UK: A Conversation with Kori Schake March 5 Event

Reuniting Ukraine through International Cooperation: Options in Donbas March 2 Event

British Politics in Turmoil: A Conversation with Alan Mendoza November 16th Event

Maintaining Transatlantic Unity on Ukraine October 26th Event

How Non-State Actors Export Kleptocratic Norms to the West October 11th Event

Brexit and British Values: What Next? June 30th Event

Weaponizing Kleptocracy: Putin’s Hybrid Warfare June 14th Event

Western Policy Toward the Syria Crisis: Looking Forward May 11th Event

U.S. Sanctions on Russia: Evaluating Impacts and Costs March 30th Event

Kleptocracy and Democracy: A Discussion with Ben Judah

Congressman Mike Turner on the State of NATO and U.S. Foreign Relations November 30th Event

The Threat of Kleptocracy: States Bordering the Russian Federation October 19th Event

Geostrategic Ramifications of the Crisis in Turkey July 27th Event

The Future of the European Union April 8th Event

The Syrian War and Terror in Europe December 2nd Event

Europe at Sea: Mediterranean and Baltic Security Challenges July 27th Event

Journalism in the Shadow of the Kremlin April 15th Event

Turmoil in the Eastern Mediterranean: A View from America's Allies November 13th Event

Notes from Underground: Book Discussion with Roger Scruton April 17th Event

Ukraine: Crisis for Central Europe and the Transatlantic Alliance

Jean-Francois Cope on Europe’s Role in the Global Order—and France’s Role in Europe

An Address by Czech President Václav Klaus

How Necessary Is Christianity to European Identity?