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The Future of Orthodox Christianity in Syria and America

Countering Violent Extremism: Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood

The Fate of the Iran Deal: Trump’s Strategy for the Middle East October 13th Event


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Secessionism’s Dangerous Return

Walter Russell Mead

Ethnic nationalism is up. So is competition between great powers. It sounds like 1914...

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How WW II American Leaders in North Africa Learned to Disregard the Interests of Jews

Michael Doran

Old fashioned anti-Semitism played a role, but the greater part had to do with a fear, justified or not, of provoking the Arabs...

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Trump Leaves Future of Iran Nuclear Deal to Congress

Rebeccah L. Heinrichs

On October 14th, Rebeccah Heinrichs appeared on Fox Business to discuss President Trump's announcement that he will not recertify the Iran deal...

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