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Iran Sanctions: Mounting Pressure or Concessions to Europe?

Next Steps for U.S. Strategy in Syria October 26 Event

Syria’s Proxy Battle: Regional Players and U.S. Policy October 3 Event

Iraq: Escalating Domestic and Regional Tensions September 19 Event

Iran’s Missile Proliferation: A Conversation with Special Envoy Brian Hook September 19 Event

The War on Something-ism: 17 Years and Counting September 10 Event

Syria: Obstacles to Reconstruction and Stability August 29 Event

Iraq: Political Parties, Protests, and Security August 17th Event

Iran: Protests, Sanctions, and Regime Viability August 15 Event

Living With Genocide: Four Years After ISIS Attacked August 3 Event

The Iraqi Elections: Waiting for Sadr and Soleimani May 22 Event

Trump and the JCPOA: It’s the End of the World As We Know It? May 9 Event

Syria: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? May 8 Event

Iran’s Entrenched Footprint in Iraq and Syria April 26 event

POSTPONED: Reconstructing Iraq: Ideas from Civil Society and the Private Sector

Consolidating and Losing Gains in Syria March 13 Event

Reconstructing Iraq: Challenges Ahead February 22nd Event

Israel and the World: A Conversation with Ambassador Yuval Rotem Event Cancelled

Broadcasting Change: Arabic Media as a Catalyst for Liberalism January 30th Event

Turkey, the Kurds, and the Struggle for Order in the Middle East January 23rd Event

The Crisis in Iran and Its Implications for Syria January 10th Event

Is Lebanon Saudi Arabia's New Zone of Confrontation with Iran? November 20th Event

The Future of Orthodox Christianity in Syria and America October 24th Event

Countering Violent Extremism: Qatar, Iran, and the Muslim Brotherhood October 23rd Event

The Fate of the Iran Deal: Trump’s Strategy for the Middle East October 13th Event

Iraq After the Kurdistan Referendum: What Next? October 5th Event

Iran's Land Bridge: Countering a Growing Influence in the Middle East September 29th Event

The Trump Administration and the Middle East: What Should America Do Next? September 25th Event

Justice for the Yezidis: ISIS and Crimes of Genocide August 3rd Event

Six Days of Fire: Israel and the June 1967 War, Fifty Years On June 2 Event

Western Policy Toward the Syria Crisis: Looking Forward May 11th Event

A Discussion with Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked May 10th Event

Trump's Middle East Policy: Analyzing the First Hundred Days May 9th Event

ISIS, Russia, and China: Can America Win a Three-Front Information War? April 18th Event

U.S.-Egyptian Relations in the Age of ISIS April 3rd Event

The Syrian Crisis: American Interests and Moral Considerations March 10th Event

The State of Iraq—and the Republic of Kurdistan?—After ISIS February 23rd Event

The Iran Deal Under Trump January 25th Event

The American Moment in the Middle East--from Eisenhower to Trump November 21st Event

Morocco's Fight with Violent Extremism November 16th Event

A View of the U.S. Election From Iraq November 4th Event

Can Israel Become a Maritime Power? September 26th Event

ISIS: On the Verge of Defeat or Transforming Itself for the Long Haul? September 13th Event

Is the War on Terrorism Really Winnable? Co-presented with the 92Y

After Mosul: The Imperative of Bolstering U.S. Allies September 9th Event

Geostrategic Ramifications of the Crisis in Turkey July 27th Event

The Future of North Africa—Reports from Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco June 29th Event

Afghanistan: Fighting the Taliban June 13th Event

A Conversation on the Middle East with Congressman Adam Kinzinger May 26th Event

The Middle East in Crisis: A Discussion with Senator Marco Rubio May 10th Event

Assessing the Obama Doctrine in the Middle East ─ What Next? April 7th Event

The Syrian War, Five Years On March 29th Event

Egypt's Enduring Security Challenges February 23rd Event

The Syrian War and Terror in Europe December 2nd Event

China's Road Through Pakistan November 18th Event

Does Putin’s Move on Syria Make Russia the New Middle East Power Broker? September 29th event

Can Iran Inspect Itself?: IAEA Side Agreements and the Iran Nuclear Deal September 11th Event

The Consequences of the Emerging American-Iranian Nuclear Deal May 26th Event

What's Wrong with the Proposed Nuclear Deal with Iran? April 24 Event

How Should the U.S. Roll Back and Defeat the Islamic State? March 19th Event

The State and Future of Egypt’s Islamists December 18th Event

The Future of the Middle East: Regional Scenarios Beyond the Obama Years December 9th Event

The Struggle for Pakistan November 20th Event

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of a Prospective U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal November 19th Event

Turmoil in the Eastern Mediterranean: A View from America's Allies November 13th Event

Can the Obama Administration’s ISIS Strategy Work? October 17th Event

Governance Talks

Does the Obama Administration Have a Middle East Policy? March 11th Panel Discussion