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Marijuana, Mental Illness, and Violence: A Conversation with Alex Berenson February 28 Event

Delivering Democracy in India

The Vanishing Congress: A Discussion with Jeff Bergner and U.S. Rep. Mike Gallagher

The Past, Present and Future of Election Interference November 30 Event

Brazil´s Elections and Their Impact on Democracy in Brazil

Pakistan: After The Elections August 7 Event

Mexican Ambassador Discusses the Evolving U.S.-Mexico Relationship July 3 Event

The Iraqi Elections: Waiting for Sadr and Soleimani May 22 Event

Cuba: Post-Castro Transition May 16 Event

Space 2.0: U.S. Competitiveness and Policy in the New Space Era April 30 event

Taking Stock of Trump’s Foreign Policy After Year One February 26th Event

A Conservative Perspective on Communications Policy February 6th Event

Russian Interference: Past, Present, and Future July 6th Event

Strengthening America’s Infrastructure: What Next? June 8th Event

Trump's Middle East Policy: Analyzing the First Hundred Days May 9th Event

Taming the Administrative State: Judicial Review and Non-Delegation May 2nd Event

Grand Strategy In The Age of Trump February 21st Event

The Iran Deal Under Trump January 25th Event

Congressman Mike Turner on the State of NATO and U.S. Foreign Relations November 30th Event

A View of the U.S. Election From Iraq November 4th Event

The U.S., Mexico, and Latin America: 2016 and Beyond September 21st Panel

The UN Resolution on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty September 20th Event

Handle with Fear: Fixing a Broken International Postal System September 19th Event

Are Plutocrats Drowning Our Republic? July 21st Event with The American Interest

Political Changes in Latin America: An Opportunity for U.S. Engagement? July 7th Event

Douglas MacArthur: American Warrior June 20th Event

Political Mobilization of Indian Americans June 9th Event

A Conversation on the Middle East with Congressman Adam Kinzinger May 26th Event

Revolution 2016: Trump, Sanders, and the Need for More Human Politics April 29th Event

Assessing the Obama Doctrine in the Middle East ─ What Next? April 7th Event

The Global Magnitsky Act: Ending Impunity for Human Rights Abusers April 29th Event

Time to Restore a Constitutional Congress December 17th Event

Immigration After Executive Action: A Symposium on Reform December 11th Event

Bipartisan Energy Policy: The Solution or the Problem? December 5th Event

A Conversation with Representative Anna Eshoo September 18 Event

North American Energy Infrastructure: Will Congress Act? May 29th Event

Does the Obama Administration Have a Middle East Policy? March 11th Panel Discussion

Organization and Innovation in Air Traffic Control

Don't Forget the Motor City: Philanthropy in Detroit

What We Can Learn from the President's Pastimes: A Discussion of Tevi Troy's New Book

The Charitable Deduction in American Political Thought

Civil Society and the Future of Conservatism

Broken Cities or Civic Renewal?

Philosopher of Politics: A Tribute to Harvey C. Mansfield and His Enduring Influence

The Costs of Political Corruption in America: A Discussion with Stanford's Bruce Owen

The Transformational Decade: A book discussion with Herbert London

Are Think Tanks Becoming Too Political?

A Book Discussion on "Keeping the Republic: Saving America by Trusting Americans"

Canada's May 2nd National Election: Time for Political Reform?

Crunch Time For Nonprofits?

Doing Health Care Reform the Right Way- Putting the States Back in Charge

Mislabeled as Terrorists: Government Inaction Keeps Refugee Families Apart

Book Discussion of "The Power of Social Innovation" by Stephen Goldsmith

Too Close for Comfort? Obama and the Foundations

Nonprofits Divided over "Citizens United?"