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ISIS in Iraq: The Dangers of an Unfocused Baghdad and a Disinterested White House

A Conversation on the Middle East with Congressman Adam Kinzinger May 26th Event

Kleptocracy Archive Launch May 17th Event

The Middle East in Crisis: A Discussion with Senator Marco Rubio May 10th Event

"Who Is Mr. Putin?" U.S. and English-Language Film Premiere

The Future of the European Union April 8th Event

Assessing the Obama Doctrine in the Middle East ─ What Next? April 7th Event

The Syrian War, Five Years On March 29th Event

Egypt's Enduring Security Challenges February 23rd Event

Maduro's Last Days? Venezuela's Transformative Elections December 17th Event

Taiwan and the Future of Regional Security in the Pacific December 16th Event

U.S. Premiere of "From Russia with Cash" Newseum Event

Fighting Kleptocracy December 14th Event

The Future of India-U.S. Defense Collaboration December 10th Event

The Syrian War and Terror in Europe December 2nd Event

China's Road Through Pakistan November 18th Event

U.S.-China Energy Cooperation: Risks, Opportunities, and Solutions November 16 event

Warfighting at Sea: What Has Changed Since the Falklands War of 1982 October 21st Event

Crime, Kleptocracy, and Politics: Developments in Modern Russia October 13th Event

Crossroads in Caracas: Strategic Considerations for the U.S. October 6th Event

Xi Jinping's Visit: What It Means for Taiwan September 30th Event

Does Putin’s Move on Syria Make Russia the New Middle East Power Broker? September 29th event

Vilnius Democracy Forum: How to Deal with Kleptocracies?

Can Iran Inspect Itself?: IAEA Side Agreements and the Iran Nuclear Deal September 11th Event

China Looks at the West: A Book Discussion with Christopher Ford September 10th Event

50 Years After the 1965 War: What Has Changed in India-Pakistan Relations? September 9th Event

Xi Jinping in Washington: The Taiwan Factor September 8th Event

China's Missiles and the Implications for the United States August 19th Event

Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare: An Evolving Challenge August 3rd Event

Europe at Sea: Mediterranean and Baltic Security Challenges July 27th Event

Facing New Threats: Towards a Transatlantic Renewal July 16th Event

Can Defense Export Control Reform Save the Pacific Pivot? July 14th Event

Strategic Failure: A Book Discussion with Mark Moyar June 30th Event

Trade in the Americas: TPP Challenges and the Future of Free Trade June 25th Event

Argentina's Politics: Blood, Sweat, and Tears June 11 Event

The Consequences of the Emerging American-Iranian Nuclear Deal May 26th Event

The Future of the Himalayas

What's Wrong with the Proposed Nuclear Deal with Iran? April 24 Event

Journalism in the Shadow of the Kremlin April 15th Event

The Legacy of the Hong Kong Democracy Protests April 10th Event

How Should the U.S. Roll Back and Defeat the Islamic State? March 19th Event

The State and Future of Egypt’s Islamists December 18th Event

Putin's Kleptocracy: Who Owns Russia? December 10th Event

The Future of the Middle East: Regional Scenarios Beyond the Obama Years December 9th Event

Crony Capitalism with Chinese Characteristics November 21st Event

Winning Asia: Why is the United States Struggling? November 20th Event

The Struggle for Pakistan November 20th Event

Weighing the Costs and Benefits of a Prospective U.S.-Iran Nuclear Deal November 19th Event

Pakistan and Its Military November 14th Event

Turmoil in the Eastern Mediterranean: A View from America's Allies November 13th Event

Can the Obama Administration’s ISIS Strategy Work? October 17th Event

Vladimir Putin and Russia's Increasingly Aggressive Nuclear Threat October 1st Event

India and the United States: Will a Strategic Partnership Emerge? September 24th Event

Children of Misery: Guns and Gangs in Central America September 10th Event

"Call for Transnational Jihad" Book Discussion with Arif Jamal June 30th Event

Whither Taiwanization? June 10th Event

India-U.S. Ties Under Narendra Modi June 3rd Event

North American Energy Infrastructure: Will Congress Act? May 29th Event

"Fighting to the End: The Pakistan Army’s Way of War" Book Talk May 28th Event

The Current State of U.S.-Taiwan Security Relations May 22nd Event

Governance Talks

Notes from Underground: Book Discussion with Roger Scruton April 17th Event

Philanthropy for Civil Society in Pakistan April 17th Event