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Iraq After the Kurdistan Referendum: What Next?

Defense Cooperation in the West Pacific: Countering Chinese and North Korean Threats

Iran's Land Bridge: Countering a Growing Influence in the Middle East

The Colombian Peace Deal: Making Progress or Problems?

India at 70: Reminiscences on the Rise of an Economic Power

Pakistan at 70: Can Pakistan Become an Asian Tiger?

The Trump Administration and the Middle East: What Should America Do Next? September 25th Event

Violence and Terrorism in Latin America in a Global Context: An Overview August 24th Event

Justice for the Yezidis: ISIS and Crimes of Genocide August 3rd Event

Russian Interference: Past, Present, and Future July 6th Event

Brexit and British Values: What Next? June 30th Event

Mexico: A Leading Nation Battles Drug Cartels, Crime, and Corruption June 28th Event

Innovation: Fueling the U.S.-India Commercial Partnership June 26th Event

Weaponizing Kleptocracy: Putin’s Hybrid Warfare June 14th Event

Six Days of Fire: Israel and the June 1967 War, Fifty Years On June 2 Event

Brazil's Future: Scenarios for 2017 and 2018 May 15th Event

Western Policy Toward the Syria Crisis: Looking Forward May 11th Event

A Discussion with Israeli Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked May 10th Event

Trump's Middle East Policy: Analyzing the First Hundred Days May 9th Event

Chinese Repression and Uyghur Militancy at Eurasia's Crossroads April 25th Event

ISIS, Russia, and China: Can America Win a Three-Front Information War? April 18th Event

U.S. Options in Afghanistan and Pakistan April 13th Event

U.S.-Egyptian Relations in the Age of ISIS April 3rd Event

U.S. Sanctions on Russia: Evaluating Impacts and Costs March 30th Event

Kleptocracy and Democracy: A Discussion with Ben Judah

The Mysterious Resilience of the Maduro Regime March 29th Event

Reaffirming the U.S.-Taiwan Security Relationship March 24th Event

The Syrian Crisis: American Interests and Moral Considerations March 10th Event

Sri Lanka: A Growing Hub in the Indo-Pacific March 8th Event

The State of Iraq—and the Republic of Kurdistan?—After ISIS February 23rd Event

Grand Strategy In The Age of Trump February 21st Event

Foreign Investment in Africa: A Conversation with Dr. Okechukwu Enelamah February 14th Event

The Iran Deal Under Trump January 25th Event

Asian Shadows: The Hidden History of World War II in the Pacific January 18th Event

Science, Technology, and the U.S.-Japan Alliance December 19th Event

China's Crony Capitalism: Kleptocracy with Chinese Characteristics December 14th Event

The New Peace Agreement in Colombia December 9th Event

Congressman Mike Turner on the State of NATO and U.S. Foreign Relations November 30th Event

The American Moment in the Middle East--from Eisenhower to Trump November 21st Event

Morocco's Fight with Violent Extremism November 16th Event

Advancing Innovation and Healthcare in India November 10th Event

Taiwan, Trans-Pacific Partnership, and an Uncertain Future November 7th Event

A View of the U.S. Election From Iraq November 4th Event

The Threat of Kleptocracy: States Bordering the Russian Federation October 19th Event

Thanksgiving: The Holiday at the Heart of the American Experience October 17th Event

Consolidation and Control: Power Shifts in Putin's Kremlin October 14th Event

Asymmetrical Defense: An Option for Taiwan October 3rd Event

Can Israel Become a Maritime Power? September 26th Event

Biit Festival: The 2016 North Korean Human Rights Film & Freedom Festival

The U.S., Mexico, and Latin America: 2016 and Beyond September 21st Panel

The UN Resolution on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty September 20th Event

Handle with Fear: Fixing a Broken International Postal System September 19th Event

ISIS: On the Verge of Defeat or Transforming Itself for the Long Haul? September 13th Event

Is the War on Terrorism Really Winnable? Co-presented with the 92Y

After Mosul: The Imperative of Bolstering U.S. Allies September 9th Event

Defending Taiwan: What Should the U.S. Do? August 9th Event

South Africa: Growth, Jobs, and the Future of Democracy July 29th Event

Geostrategic Ramifications of the Crisis in Turkey July 27th Event

Political Changes in Latin America: An Opportunity for U.S. Engagement? July 7th Event

The Future of North Africa—Reports from Libya, Tunisia, and Morocco June 29th Event

Douglas MacArthur: American Warrior June 20th Event

Afghanistan: Fighting the Taliban June 13th Event

Political Mobilization of Indian Americans June 9th Event

A Conversation on the Middle East with Congressman Adam Kinzinger May 26th Event

The Middle East in Crisis: A Discussion with Senator Marco Rubio May 10th Event

"Who Is Mr. Putin?" U.S. and English-Language Film Premiere

The Future of the European Union April 8th Event

Assessing the Obama Doctrine in the Middle East ─ What Next? April 7th Event

The Syrian War, Five Years On March 29th Event

Egypt's Enduring Security Challenges February 23rd Event

Maduro's Last Days? Venezuela's Transformative Elections December 17th Event