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The Economic Case for Neglected Tropical Disease Control and Elimination


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China’s Reckless Labs Put the World at Risk

Michael R. Pompeo & Miles Yu

The Chinese Communist Party is obsessed with viruses. Its army of scientists claim to have discovered almost 2,000 new viruses in a little over a deca...

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India's COVID Diplomacy: Trying to Wean Neighbors off China?

Aparna Pande

India seems to have initiated ‘vaccine diplomacy’ to win over some of its neighbors already indebted to China. New Delhi may not have the large ca...

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Rebuilding America in the Post Trump Era

Patrick M. Cronin & Audrey Kurth Cronin

Despite creating the U.S. Space Force and Operation Warp Speed, the Trump administration failed to back U.S. expertise, so millions of Americans suffe...

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