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Pakistan Fights to Protect Chinese-Managed Port

Walter Russell Mead

Pakistan’s military has deployed a large, well-equipped force to protect the Chinese-managed port at Gwadar....

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Will Israel's Natural-Gas Fields Ever Get Developed?

Arthur Herman

Tens of trillions of cubic feet of gas lie waiting offshore, with the potential to transform the world’s energy map, even stabilize the Middle East....

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Racial Diversity Lawsuit Exposes Lawless FCC

Arielle Roth

There is no legal basis for the claim that the FCC should block any mergers--let alone those that supposedly discourage diversity....

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Oil and World Power

Lee Lane

Improvements in horizontal drilling, hydraulic fracturing, and advanced seismology have led to a surge in the U.S. output of natural gas and oil...

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An Alternative to Obamacare

Jeffrey H. Anderson

This “three legged” proposal is as intelligibly simple as Obamacare is unintelligibly complex....

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Cyber-Enabled Economic Warfare: An Evolving Challenge (Vol. 2)

Samantha Ravich

Conference summary, survey highlights, and policy recommendations...

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A Legislative Hearing on Four Communications Bills

Robert M. McDowell

Congress has a terrific opportunity to pass these bills on a bipartisan basis and further the cause of Internet freedom....

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Civil Nuclear Cooperation with Pakistan: Prospects and Consequences

Husain Haqqani

The U.S. objective should be to help Pakistan come to terms with its size and its economic and political needs....

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