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Upcoming Events

The NPT Review Conference: Where Do We Stand?
Discussion featuring Deepti Choubey, Christopher Ford, and Daryl Kimball. Co-chaired by Joy Drucker and Richard Weitz.
May 24

Necessary Secrets: National Security, the Media, and the Rule of Law
Book discussion featuring author Gabriel Schoenfeld, Steven Aftergood, and Benjamin Wittes. Keynote address by Gen. Michael Hayden and moderated by Kenneth Weinstein.
May 25

Hudson Institute Film Festival
Day-long New York film festival featuring documentary films by Joel Gilbert, Michael Pack, and Raphael Shore. Hosted by Herbert London.
May 31

Terrorists, Drug Traffickers, and Gangs in Latin America: Undermining Democracy
Discussion featuring Douglas Farah, Roy Godson, Matthew Levitt, and John Walters. Introduction by Jaime Daremblum and moderated by Robert Pfaltzgraff.
June 9

Tea Time: Can There Be a Populist Conservatism?
The 2010 Bradley Symposium featuring Richard Armey, Michael Barone, Jonah Goldberg, Rep. Mike Pence, and Rep. Paul Ryan. Welcome by Yuval Levin and moderated by William Kristol.
June 16

Past Events

Deepening Crises
Hudson New York event featured Amb. John Bolton. Introduction by Herbert London.
May 19

Dawn of the Dead? A Discussion of Immortality and the Law: The Rising Power of the American Dead
Discussion featured author Ray Madoff, Jeffrey Cooper, Suzanne Garment, and Arthur Schmidt. Moderated by William Schambra.
May 18

1950s Redux: The Continuing Allure of the Muslim Brotherhood for U.S. Policymakers
Book discussion featured author Ian Johnson. Moderated by Hillel Fradkin.
May 17

Hudson Research & Commentary

Douglas Feith and Abram Shulsky, "The Dangerous Illusion of 'Nuclear Zero'," Wall Street Journal
May 21

Diana Furchtgott-Roth, "Mileage Fees Over Gas Taxes?"
May 20

Ronald Radosh, "Elena Kagan's Senior Thesis," Pajamas Media
May 20

Ann Marlowe, "Dying for the Karzai Cartel," National Review Online
May 20

Aparna Pande, "Pakistan's Paranoid, Irresponsible Media Hampering Terror Fight," Pajamas Media
May 20

Herbert London, "The EU and Its Likely Breakup," Family Security Matters
May 19

Seth Cropsey, "Major Speech on Shrinking U.S. Seapower Goes Ignored," Pajamas Media
May 18

Irwin Stelzer, "The Euro Party's Over. What Now?" Wall Street Journal Europe
May 16

Jaime Daremblum, "Venezuela Is Crumbling," Weekly Standard
May 14

New Publication

2010 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances, Hudson's Center for Global Prosperity
April 2010
Press release available here.

New Books

Necessary Secrets: National Security, the Media, and the Rule of Law, by Gabriel Schoenfeld
Norton, May 2010
Press release available here.

The Mind of Empire: China's History and Modern Foreign Relations, by Christopher Ford
University Press of Kentucky, April 2010

Featured in the Media

The Hill - Herbert London on Mexican President Felipe Calderon's speech in Washington
May 20

National Review Online - Diana Furchtgott-Roth on President Obama's job proposals
May 19

Dallas Morning News - John Walters interviewed on U.S. drug policy
May 18

Politico - Judge Robert Bork quoted on Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan's senior thesis
May 18

Reason Magazine - Book review of Lee Smith's The Strong Horse
May 18

Univision Radio - Jaime Daremblum on Iranian ties to Central America and Brazil
May 18

Fox News Radio - Richard Weitz interviewed on the Iranian nuclear agreement
May 18

Lars Larson Radio Show - Ann Marlowe on Afghanistan
May 18 - Michael Horowitz cited on Internet censorship
May 17

Washington Post - Book review of Gabriel Schoenfeld's Necessary Secrets
May 16

Chicago Tribune - Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels, former Hudson CEO, cited as 2012 presidential contender
May 16

Nonprofit Quarterly - William Schambra cited on the nonprofit sector
May 14

UN Dispatch - 2010 Index of Global Philanthropy and Remittances data covered
May 12

Hudson YouTube Video

Richard Weitz on trilateral nuclear deal between Iran, Turkey, and Brazil
May 20

Economic Report

Hudson Institute Economic Report
May 21