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CARSON, CA - AUGUST 07: The BP West Coast Products LLC Carson oil refinery on August 7, 2006 in Carson, California. BP Global is shutting down its Prudhoe Bay oil field operations, the nation?s largest, on Alaska's North Slope because of severe corrosion in an oil transit line. The shutdown will cut supplies to West Coast refineries and will drive oil and gasoline prices sharply higher, raising new criticisms of the company's safety record. British Petroleum (BP) is facing a criminal investigation over a ma

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Promoting policies that prioritize energy security, economic security, and national security and proposing a realistic path to transition to renewable energy sources.


Brigham McCown
Senior Fellow and Director, Initiative on American Energy Security
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Director of Media Relations

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International events have brought into acute focus the intrinsic relationship between energy security, economic security, and national security. They have also highlighted the degree to which dramatic shifts in US policy and, too often, the failure to consider the full and long-term implications of those policies have undermined an American strategic asset—abundant energy resources.

Economic growth and prosperity will need affordable energy, even as remarkable improvements in technology and energy efficiency occur. National security requires secure access to multiple energy sources and raw materials—in particular, the United States needs these resources to project power globally to protect US and allied interests. Market access to the quantities and types of energy, when and where needed, along with the security and resiliency of energy systems require thoughtful and sustained long-term capital investments in production, distribution infrastructure, storage, and research and development—all of which require a predictable and stable policy environment.

The Hudson initiative is conducting a comprehensive assessment of energy policies and practices leading to constructive policies that prioritize energy security, economic security, and national security—balanced with a realistic path to transition to a larger role for renewable energy sources.