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Keeping Our Eye on the Ball in the Middle East

Michael Doran

Michael Doran on the Trump administration's Middle East strategy. ...

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Purges Reported in Kim Jong-un's Regime

Patrick M. Cronin

Patrick Cronin on coup prevention in the Kim Jong-un regime....

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EU Allies Undermine U.S. Sanctions on Iran

Michael Pregent

Michael Pregent on Vice President Pence's call for Europeans to support U.S. policy toward Iran....

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The Importance of WTO Reform from a Transatlantic Perspective

Thomas J. Duesterberg

Plurilateral agreements are needed to establish and test rules needed for the 21st-century economy....

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U.S.-Russian Relations, 1989-2019: Self-Awareness and History

Bruce Jackson

What's at the heart of the most discussed subject in American foreign policy today?...

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Freedom of Navigation and East Asian Stability: Countering Beijing's Campaign of Historical Revisionism

John Lee

A better-coordinated effort that blends hard and soft power is needed to defend freedom of navigation and uphold international law....

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Hudson Institute Releases New Study on State Subsidies and Unfair Competition in Global Commercial Aviation

Hudson Institute

New study details air transport agreement violations by major Middle East airlines; Loss of passenger market share for U.S. carriers ...

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