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The U.S. Navy Lowers Its Sights

Seth Cropsey

Has Trump given up on expanding the size of the fleet? If so, there’s still time to reverse course...

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How U.S. Foreign Policy Has Changed In Trump's First Year In Office

Walter Russell Mead

On January 17th, Walter Russell Mead appeared on NPR to discuss American foreign policy in President Trump's first year in office...

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U.S. Gets Tough on Pakistan Religious Persecutions, Should Go Farther

Lela Gilbert

The Trump administration’s get-tough approach to Pakistan’s alleged double-dealing does not go nearly far enough...

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Maritime Strategy in a New Era of Great Power Competition

Seth Cropsey & Bryan McGrath

As a maritime nation, naval power is the U.S.’s most useful means of responding to distant crises...

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The Long-Term Dynamics of Affordable Rental Housing

John C. Weicher et al.

This project investigates the affordable rental housing market over the three decades from 1985 to 2013....

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Current Trends in Islamist Ideology, Volume 22

Hillel Fradkin et al.

Analysis on The Muslim Brotherhood, Islamism in Turkey, Jamaat-ud-Dawa,jihad in India and Algeria, and Shiite militias in Iraq...

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Michael Pregent Testifies Before the House Oversight Committee

Michael Pregent

Michael Pregent's testimony before the House Oversight Committee's Subcommittee on National Security...

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Full Transcript: The Future of Combating Terrorism and Countering the Use of WMD

Hudson Institute

Full transcript of December 13, 2017 event featuring Deputy Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Elaine Duke...

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