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The Japan Chair expands economic ties, enhances defense cooperation, and promotes closer scientific and technological collaboration between the US and Japan.

Kenneth R. Weinstein
Japan Chair
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H.R. McMaster
Chair of the Advisory Board
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Riley Walters
Senior Fellow, Japan Chair
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Executive Vice President
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Director of Media Relations

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“America needs strong, committed, forward-looking allies like Japan to help ensure a free and open Indo-Pacific” — Japan Chair Kenneth R. Weinstein

Kenneth R. Weinstein and Shinzo Abe at Hudson Institute on March 30, 2016.

The US-Japan alliance is America’s cornerstone alliance in the Indo-Pacific.

Since its founding nearly 60 years ago, Hudson Institute has championed a strong Japan and the importance of the US-Japan alliance. Hudson’s founder was among the first to predict the rise of Japan as a major world economy.

Today more than ever, growing threats in Northeast Asia and the Indo-Pacific prove the need for an enduring US-Japan alliance.

Hudson launched the Japan Chair in spring 2019 under the leadership of Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster to address these challenges and opportunities. This major initiative, now led by Kenneth R. Weinstein, allows Hudson Institute to capitalize on its deep connections in Tokyo and Washington to expand economic ties, enhance defense cooperation, and promote closer scientific and technological collaboration between the United States and Japan.