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Counterbalance Ep. 16: David Asher on the True Origins of COVID-19

Counterbalance Ep. 16: David Asher on the True Origins of COVID-19

David Asher, Michael Doran & Marshall Kosloff

Host Michael Doran returns this week to join Marshall for an interview with Hudson Senior Fellow, David Asher, who has found himself in the middle of the national debate over the origins of COVID-19. Asher, who was an integral piece of the State Department’s investigation into the Wuhan Institute of Virology details his findings and lays out what the U.S. should do in response to the CCP’s incompetencies and cover-ups.

Hudson Event: Uncovering the Origins of COVID-19: A Scientific Discussion

Hudson Event: The Origins of COVID-19: Policy Implications and Lessons for the Future

Memo: A Just Response to Beijing’s COVID-19 Abuses

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About Counterbalance:

Counterbalance is a foreign policy podcast that embodies Hudson’s tradition of challenging conventional wisdom. The Trump era attacked the elite consensus regarding several key issues, including the rise of China, American policy toward the Middle East, and the compartmentalization of domestic and foreign policy. Many observers in the media and in establishment foreign policy circles are presenting the advent of a Biden presidency as a total repudiation of President Trump’s policies and a return to “normalcy.” But, regardless of how one feels about the Trump era or any of his specific policies, there is no turning back the clock. The elite foreign policy consensus will never be the same. Counterbalance will reckon with what’s next.

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