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Annual Report 2022

AR 2022

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Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President and CEO

As America’s role in the world has dominated much of the domestic political debate in 2022, Hudson cut across partisan divisions, framing the discussion in favor of strong American leadership to keep the United States and our allies secure.

Hudson experts, through our research centers, worked tirelessly to craft policies that countered the Chinese Communist Party’s aggression and Russia’s brutal invasion of a sovereign Ukraine. Hudson analysis explained how to strengthen America’s ties to vital allies, secure US supply chains and critical technology infrastructure, establish energy security, and advance next-generation defense capabilities to deter future aggression.

The Center on Europe and Eurasia made the case for American and NATO support to stop Vladimir Putin’s imperial ambitions. The Center for Peace and Security in the Middle East sought to return the US-Israel alliance to the center of American policy in the Middle East and halt Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. The China Center helped policymakers understand the true nature of the CCP threat. The Japan Chair advanced policies to strengthen military and economic cooperation with our most important ally in East Asia. Our Center for Defense Concepts and Technology developed options for a more modern, robust, and resilient American military to deter adversaries.

Hudson’s generous donors have been crucial partners in making the Institute a powerhouse in foreign and national security policy, recognized around the world. We continue our 61-year tradition of questioning conventional wisdom to offer better policy options for the most pressing challenges of our time.

Thank you for your support and your interest in our work, which helped make 2022 a year of outstanding achievement for Hudson.


John P. Walters 
President and CEO

Sarah May Stern
Chairman of the Board of Trustees

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