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Morocco's Fight with Violent Extremism
Rabat, Morocco.

Morocco's Fight with Violent Extremism November 16th Event

The Kingdom of Morocco has been undertaking a comprehensive effort to tackle violent Islamism that combines robust security measures with community development initiatives, governance reform, and education. One of the leaders in this fight is Dr. Ahmed Abbadi, the president of the League of Mohammedan Scholars. The League is a body of religious scholars charged by King Mohammed VI with countering and dismantling the ideology of Islamic State and other radical movements. On November 16, Dr. Abbadi spoke at Hudson Institute about Morocco’s experiences in the fight with Islamist extremism and the importance of ideology, youth outreach, and education.


Dr. Ahmed Abbadi Speaker

President, Mohammedia League of Moroccan Ulama

Eric B. Brown Moderator

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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