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In the Taiwan Strait, China Sets its Own Rules

In the Taiwan Strait, China Sets its Own Rules February 22nd Event

On January 4, the People’s Republic of China unilaterally and without consultation activated the M503 flight route through the Taiwan Strait. The move violated several cross-strait agreements and threatened the status quo. The flight route change represents just one instance in a broader trend of Chinese actions that violate international laws, agreements, and norms in order to further China’s own interests. “With Chinese characteristics” has become a buzz phrase for Beijing’s effort to enjoy the benefits of a stable international order while insisting on its own conflicting foreign policy and military goals.

On February 22, Hudson Institute convened a panel of experts to discuss the challenges such actions pose to broader regional and international interests. Please join Seth Cropsey, Director of Hudson’s Center for American Seapower; Doug Feith, Director of Hudson’s Center for National Security Strategies; Vice Admiral Mark Fox (ret.), corporate vice president of customer affairs at Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Newport News Shipbuilding division; and Jamestown Foundation scholar Peter Wood.


Dr. Seth Cropsey Speaker

Director, Center for American Seapower, Hudson Institute

Douglas J. Feith Speaker

Director, Center for National Security Strategies, Hudson Institute

Peter Wood Speaker

Editor-in-chief, China Brief, The Jamestown Foundation

Vice Adm. Mark Fox (ret.) Speaker

Corporate vice president of customer affairs, Huntington Ingalls Industries, Newport News Shipbuilding division

Hudson Experts

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