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Anthony R. “Tony" Ierardi

Advisor, Center for Defense Concepts and Technology

Tony Ierardi leads strategic partner engagement for Rebellion Defense, a company bringing new technology to defense missions. He departed active duty in August 2019 after serving in a diverse set of assignments that addressed challenging missions in strategically important Army and Joint units and organizations. As a General Officer, Tony served in critical positions at the DoD, Joint, and Army enterprise levels related to requirements, capabilities, and the strategic allocation of resources.

Tony’s culminating military assignment was as the U.S. Joint Staff’s Director for Force Structure, Resources, and Assessments, where he oversaw all matters related to current and future requirements for forces, capabilities, and budgets for the U.S. Joint Force. He directed a broad strategic portfolio and was closely involved in the development and initial implementation of the most recent National Defense Strategy. Prior to the Joint Staff, he served as the Army’s Deputy Chief of Staff for Programs (G-8).

Tony commanded Army and Joint units at every level from platoon to division, in the U.S. and abroad. He commanded the First Cavalry Division at Fort Hood, Texas, where he was “dual-hatted” as acting commander of Fort Hood and responsible for the readiness of all units assigned to the post, and for the security and support to a military community of over 70,000 soldiers, family members and civilians. Tony deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2008-2009 as the Deputy Commander for Programs, Combined Security Transition Command in Kabul, Afghanistan, and earlier in his career with the Second Cavalry Regiment in Operation Desert Storm.

Tony has a bachelor’s degree in business from Washington & Lee University, and master’s degrees from Georgetown University and the Naval War College.