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Brigham McCown

Senior Fellow and Director, Initiative on American Energy Security

Brigham McCown is a senior fellow and director of the Initiative on American Energy Security at Hudson Institute.

Mr. McCown has more than three decades of domestic and foreign policy experience while serving in key positions within industry, government, and the military. Most recently, he was responsible for running one of the world’s most complex energy transportation infrastructure networks: the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System.

By appointment of the US secretary of transportation, Mr. McCown served as the regulatory co-chair of the federal government’s Commercial Space Advisory Committee from 2017 to 2020. He has held senior executive appointments while working for both political parties during three administrations. He has also advised multiple presidential campaigns and served on two presidential transition teams.

Mr. McCown has previously taught classes in business, national security, law, and ethics at Miami University. Often quoted by the international press corps, he is a former contributor to Forbes and has practiced before the US Supreme Court.

Mr. McCown is a retired naval aviator, serves on multiple boards and advisory committees, and holds degrees in business, diplomacy, and law.

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