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China Insider #7 | COVID-19's Deadly Toll, Beijing's Charm Offensive at Davos, and the Real Power Behind Chinese Tech Companies

Senior Fellow and Director, China Center
wilson shirley
wilson shirley
Former Media Fellow, China Center

The chief epidemiologist of the PRC's Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that 80 percent of China's population has been infected with COVID-19. Miles Yu and Wilson Shirley discuss what that means for the toll the pandemic continues to take throughout the country. Then they cover Beijing's charm offensive at Davos and at other international forums, before finishing up with a discussion of who really controls China's top technology and social media companies, and what that means for Americans' security.

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On multiple fronts—from ideology to the economy, to the military, to technology—the Chinese Communist Party presents the United States and its allies and partners with their most serious threat since the Cold War—maybe since World War II. What does the emerging consensus about the China challenge get right, and what is it missing? And what will it take to compete to win?

China Insider is a weekly podcast project from Hudson Institute's China Center, hosted by Miles Yu and Wilson Shirley, who provide weekly news that mainstream American outlets often miss, as well as in-depth commentary and analysis on the China challenge and the free world’s future.