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China Insider #8 | Mike Pompeo Never Gives an Inch, Nationalist Rhetoric from Beijing, and the Case of a Missing Boy in China

Senior Fellow and Director, China Center
wilson shirley
wilson shirley
Former Media Fellow, China Center

The definitive memoir of foreign policy in the Trump administration is out: former Director of the CIA and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's Never Give an Inch. Miles Yu and Wilson Shirley discuss the China-related highlights from the book, before delving into two big stories from inside China this week. The first is the increasingly nationalist rhetoric out of Beijing around the Lunar New Year, and the second is the terrible case of a 15-year-old Chinese boy who went missing for three months, and what it tells us about human trafficking in the People's Republic of China.  

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On multiple fronts—from ideology to the economy, to the military, to technology—the Chinese Communist Party presents the United States and its allies and partners with their most serious threat since the Cold War—maybe since World War II. What does the emerging consensus about the China challenge get right, and what is it missing? And what will it take to compete to win?

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