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Hudson Institute

Global Leadership Award

Nikki Haley

We give Hudson Institute’s Global Leadership Award on rare occasions to celebrate exceptional leaders who have made extraordinary contributions to the United States and its allies.

Through this honor, Hudson Institute seeks to highlight the all-too-rare qualities of extraordinary leadership. These include moral courage; dynamism and a capacity to inspire; comprehension of changing political and technological landscapes; and the foresight and strategic vision necessary to secure the vital interests of our nation and its allies.

Past Recipients:

2023: Tsai Ing-wen

2021: Linden S. Blue; Neal Blue

2019: Michael Pompeo

2018: Nikki Haley; Paul Ryan

2017: Mike Pence

2016: Benjamin Netanyahu

2015: Rupert Murdoch

2013: Shinzō Abe

2012: Dick Cheney

2011: Joe Lieberman

2010: David Petraeus

2003: Donald Rumsfeld

2002: George P. Shultz

2000: Caspar Weinberger

1999: Alexander Haig

1998: Dick Cheney

1997: Henry Kissinger

1996: Norman Augustine

1995: Barry Goldwater

1994: Brent Scowcroft

1993: Paul Nitze

1991: Ronald Reagan

1990: James Schlesinger