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Americans Must Always Stand with Freedom-Loving Chinese People


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Hudson Institute China Center presents episode five of Evening Chats with Mike Pompeo: A Message to the Chinese People. In this series, Seventieth US Secretary of State Michael R. Pompeo speaks directly to the Chinese people about the Chinese Communist Party and US-China relations.

In this episode, Pompeo recalls his experiences meeting with Chinese dissidents during his time as secretary of state. These brave individuals know better than anyone the cruelty that the Chinese Communist Party is capable of. Pompeo explains that more Americans need to hear from Chinese dissidents to truly understand the threat posed to the free world by the CCP. Whether it is Chinese citizens who lived through the Tiananmen Square Massacre more than 30 years ago, or people who have escaped the concentration camps in Xinjiang, these incredible individuals are both a source of inspiration for those still under the thumb of autocratic governments everywhere and a reminder to Americans that they have a duty to stand with freedom-loving people around the world.

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