2018 Annual Report

2018 was a remarkable year for Hudson Institute

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Message from the Chairman and the President and CEO

2018 was a remarkable year for Hudson Institute: a time of unprecedented growth in research output, policy impact, and demand for our unique and innovative solutions to national security threats and global policy challenges.

Leaders in Washington and around the world looked to Hudson and its experts for real-time, practical guidance on a wide range of pressing policy areas, from security strategy and the future of alliances, to trade and technology policy, to defending international religious freedom and confronting the opioid crisis.

Our work on Asia, and especially China’s aggressive efforts to gain political and strategic concessions abroad, helped shape strategy in Washington and foreign capitals, including Tokyo, New Delhi, and Canberra. Vice President Mike Pence chose Hudson to deliver his historic speech on China policy.

Hudson remained a leading voice on the challenges posed by revisionist powers like Russia and Iran—and a source of new ideas to resist their aggression. To meet the challenge posed by Iran, we worked on enhancing relations with key U.S. allies in the Middle East, first and foremost Israel.

We played a central role promoting and extending the scope of missile defense—especially aircraft-based missile defense—to meet the threat posed by North Korea. Hudson experts were critical voices interpreting the turmoil roiling much of Europe, and have become key interlocutors with policymakers in Germany, France, the U.K., Poland, the Baltic nations, and Brussels.

Remaining true to the roots of Hudson, our work is focused at the intersection of technology, strategy, and policy: strengthening the U.S. nuclear posture; protecting intellectual property and critical technologies; and ensuring American leadership in the development of 5G capabilities, cyber defenses, and quantum computing.

We place special emphasis on training and mentoring next-generation leaders. Hudson Institute Political Studies educates students to think independently through a curriculum of political philosophy, strategy, and policy. Our internship program gives students the opportunity to work closely with our experts. And our Capitol Hill issue forums bring new perspectives to congressional staffers on key issues.

At our annual dinner, we honored both Speaker Paul Ryan and Ambassador Nikki Haley. And we inaugurated two named chairs: the Ravenel B. Curry III Distinguished Chair in Strategy and Statesmanship, held by Walter Russell Mead, and the Asia-Pacific Security Chair, held by Patrick M. Cronin.

Your support has been critical to all that we have achieved in 2018. We look forward to building on our policy impact in 2019. Many thanks for your continued friendship and commitment to Hudson Institute.

Best regards,

Chairman of the Board

President and CEO

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