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2020 Annual Report

Hudson Institute remains an organization committed to challenging conventional wisdom through independent, farsighted research

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Letter from the Chairman of the Board of Trustees and the President and CEO

p(firstLetter). In the face of unique and dangerous threats in a year that tested our nation and the world, Hudson Institute launched an immediate effort to explain the implications of Covid-19 for U.S. foreign and domestic policy and present paths forward to promote American strength, leadership, and renewal.

Hudson’s policy team quickly adapted to the new environment. The events, conferences, and briefings which are a staple of Hudson’s typical daily operations in Washington were replaced this year with virtual events and contacts, which reached
more policymakers than ever before.

In the spring, our China experts—who are based not just in the United States, but around the world—produced a global survey of U.S.-China competition in the coronavirus era. We then launched our Coronavirus Timeline—a catalog of information from publicly available sources that chronicles Covid-19’s origins, the world’s response, and the Chinese Communist Party’s strategic maneuvering.

We created Hudson’s “Look Ahead Series” to examine in an election year what will be the major policy challenges and opportunities of not just the next American presidency, but the next decade. We analyzed U.S. military reform, trade, the U.S.-Japan alliance, the Sino-Russian challenge, Africa policy, and the threat posed by authoritarian regimes to the U.S. and other democracies, among other topics.

We launched our new Center for Defense Concepts and Technology to explore evolving fields of military competition and the implications of emerging technologies for defense strategy, military operations, capability development, and acquisition. Hudson’s achievements are a tribute to outgoing President and CEO Kenneth R. Weinstein. Ken first joined Hudson in 1991, assumed leadership of Hudson as CEO in 2005, and became president and CEO in 2011. Ken turned Hudson into the policy powerhouse that it is today, while creating an environment where experts thrive and work collaboratively. We are delighted that Ken has now become Hudson’s Walter P. Stern Distinguished Fellow.

In a time of profound ideological division in our country, Hudson Institute embraces differing, serious points of view on policy questions. Freedom of thought and debate is vital to our work and necessary for us to test and challenge conventional thinking. Today, such freedom is sometimes threatened by dogmatic factions, but we proudly maintain this Hudson tradition.

This year, 2021, marks Hudson Institute’s 60th anniversary. From our founding in the Hudson River Valley, to our time in Indianapolis, to today, the Institute remains an organization committed to challenging conventional wisdom through independent, farsighted research. Our mission is to promote American leadership for a secure, free, and prosperous future. As a new administration begins its work in Washington, Hudson’s work remains focused on the policy challenges facing America and the world.

Your support been especially important in this challenging year. You have been our steadfast partners in 2020. As we build on our 60 years of policy impact, we thank you for your friendship, support, and commitment to Hudson Institute.


Chairman of the Board

Chief Operating Officer

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