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Lunch Event Addressing "Countering the Radicalization of Pakistan"

Hudson Institute’s Center for Eurasian Policy, in partnership with the World Organization for Resource Development and Education (WORDE), hosted a lunch meeting on April 20th with a high-level Pakistani delegation to hear about their efforts in countering the Taliban in their country.

The members of the delegation are on the front lines of the ideological battle against Al-Qaeda and radical Taliban factions in Pakistan. They discussed how the systematic killings of mainstream clerics, tribal elders, and innocent civilians—as well as the demolition of national landmarks and holy shrines—may uproot entire communities and leave behind a breeding ground for Al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The delegation also discussed how their efforts to counter the rise of religious extremism or “Talibanization” of Pakistan helps broader U.S. national security objectives in the region, and suggest ways for the United States to better assist moderates.

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