Presidential Transition 2017

Hudson on the issues that will matter most for the new administration

A collection of research written by Hudson Institute scholars on the issues that will matter most for the new administration.

+Commentary & Analysis:+

Engaging Europe: A Strategy for the President-elect by Peter Rough
__"President-elect Trump should take this opportunity to cloak himself in the mantle of past American leaders and shore up our pro-American partners. The future of NATO and Europe depends on it."__

The Road to Making America Great Again Runs Through... Beijing: Emerging Chinese Views of Donald Trump by Michael Pillsbury
__"China, perhaps more than any other country, can help us create jobs, stimulate investment, and drive growth. But that requires China take a sharp turn away from its brutally mercantilist policies that advantage its workers over ours and flout the norms of international trade. It requires ending China’s unfair trade practices and making trade compromises."__

The War on Israel Never Ends by Doug Feith
"Settlements aren’t the issue. Many of the Jewish state’s enemies don’t even believe in its right to exist."

Watch Out for Terror's First Incubators by Amb. Husain Haqqani
"The focus may be on ISIS, but Afghanistan and Pakistan are still sources of major threats."

Trump's State Pick Improvement on Obama-Clinton Russian Policy by Rebeccah L. Heinrichs
__"The confirmation hearings will give us a better picture of Tillerson’s views, but if I were to make a prediction, skeptical Senators of goodwill will be pleasantly surprised."__

How Trump Can Build a Powerful Political Machine by Harry Zieve Cohen
__"Trump's infrastructure ambitions can help him build the most powerful political machine America has seen in decades."__

Trump's Third Ring of Suburbs by Walter Russell Mead
__"Revamping the American Dream for millennials and beyond could help Donald Trump turn his presidency into a landmark in American political history.__"

Trump's Pick of Price Puts Obamacare in the Crosshairs by Jeffrey H. Anderson
__"Opponents of Obamacare should be greatly encouraged by President-elect Donald Trump's pick of House Budget Committee Chairman Tom Price to be the Secretary of Health and Human Services."__

The Fall of Turkey by Eric B. Brown
__"Western policymakers need to get comfortable with the fact that the Turkish Republic as we have known it is no more."__

Trump's Path to Mount Rushmore by Walter Russell Mead
__"Smart energy policy could give Trump his best prospect for spurring growth in manufacturing jobs, delivering on the promises his voters think matter."__

Mr. Trump, Please Act Quickly to Help Iraqi Christians on the Brink of Extinction by Nina Shea
__"Iraq’s Christian genocide survivors are hanging on with hope and the help of a fraying thread of private aid."__

It is Time to Unshackle the Communications Sector by Harold Furchtgott-Roth
__"Three areas where a market-oriented FCC would improve the economy: Don’t regulate the Internet. Trust markets. Don’t use the FCC to block mergers."__

A Trump-Ryan Constitutional Revival by Christopher DeMuth
"Republicans in Congress should give up delegating and relearn the art of legislating."

The Next Secretary of the Navy by Seth Cropsey
__"There is no one better prepared to carry out the president-elect’s stated goal than House Armed Services subcommittee chairman Randy Forbes, (VA-4)."__

President-elect Trump is Poised to Reset by Rebeccah L. Heinrichs
__"Those who threaten American security and seek to undermine her objectives will find a mighty, more serious opponent than what we have witnessed in recent history."__

The GOP's ObamaCare Strategy Pays Off by Tevi Troy & Lanhee J. Chen

Trump Won on Immigration, Trade, the Supreme Court, and Obamacare by Jeffrey H. Anderson

Four Essential Things Douglas MacArthur Would Tell President-elect Donald Trump by Arthur Herman

How A Trump FCC Could Deregulate The Communications Sector by Harold Furchtgott-Roth & Arielle Roth

The Perils of U.S. Missile Defense by Rebeccah L. Heinrichs

+Press Releases:+

Hudson Institute Congratulates Distinguished Fellow Elaine L. Chao on Selection for Department of Transportation Secretary

Hudson Institute Congratulates Congressman Mike Pompeo's Selection for CIA Director

Hudson Institute Congratulates Senator Jeff Sessions on Attorney General Nomination