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Power Shifts in the Eastern Mediterranean: The Emerging Strategic Relationship of Israel, Greece, and Cyprus

The discovery of massive quantities of hydrocarbons in both the Israeli and Cypriot exclusive economic zones, and the selection of the Trans Adriatic Pipeline, redraws the Eastern Mediterranean’s hydrocarbon map and will significantly impact international energy security policies. This transformation has emerged against a backdrop of major political upheavals still underway throughout the area.  To address this development and explore its implications, Hudson Institute convened a major policy conference on October 22, 2013, and welcomed a number of distinguished American and international diplomats, legislators, business leaders, scholars, and legal and military experts as participating guests. The proceedings were divided into three distinct panel discussions: the first on “Political and Security Changes in the Eastern Mediterranean”; the second on “Implications of the Emerging Strategic Relationship of Israel, Greece, and Cyprus, and Turkey’s Drift Towards Authoritarianism and Islamism”; and the third on “The Changing Eastern Mediterranean Energy Security Environment.”

Kenneth R. Weinstein Opening Remarks

President & CEO, Hudson Institute

Seth Cropsey Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and former Deputy Undersecretary of the Navy

Rep. Brad Schneider (D-IL) Panel One

House Foreign Affairs Committee

H.E. Christos Panagopoulos Panel One

Greek Ambassador to the United States

H.E. George Chacalli Panel One

Cypriot Ambassador to the United States

Eli Groner Panel One

Minister for Economic Affairs, Israeli Embassy to the United States

Douglas J. Feith Panel Two

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

Hillel Fradkin Panel Two

Senior Fellow, Hudson Institute

David Wurmser Panel Two

Former senior adviser to Vice President Dick Cheney and Undersecretary of State John Bolton

Joshua Walker Panel Two

Director of Global Programs, APCO Worldwide

Alexandros Petersen Panel Two

Advisor to the European Energy Security Initiative, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars

Charles Ellinas Panel Three

Chairman, National Hydrocarbon Company of Cyprus

Nicholas Karambelas Panel Three

Legal Counsel, American Hellenic Institute

Hudson Experts

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