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Egypt, Its Revolution and Future: How Should the U.S. Respond?

With Mubarak’s reign in Egypt all but over, policy makers in the U.S. and around the globe are seeking to understand why Egypt’s government proved so fragile and what the prospects are for transition to a more democratic regime.

Hudson Institute held a seminar to comprehend the character of Egypt’s burgeoning opposition groups and to examine potential policy options for the U.S. and key allies, including Israel.

Nina Shea Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Center for Religious Freedom

Douglas J. Feith Panelist

Hudson Senior Fellow and Director, Center for National Security Strategies

Paul Marshall Panelist

Hudson Senior Fellow at the Center for Religious Freedom

Lee Smith Panelist

Hudson Visiting Fellow and Senior Editor, The Weekly Standard

Samuel Tadros Panelist

Founder and Executive Board Member, Egyptian Union of Liberal Youth

Hudson Experts

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