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Export Controls: What's Ahead from the Obama Administration and Congress

Export controls in the United States are at a crossroads, with large consequences for both national security and the global defense industry.

The Obama administration has been developing export control reform proposals for nearly two years, which it unveiled at the July 19-21, 2011 Update Conference on Export Controls and Policy at the Department of Commerce. The administration is also finalizing its statutory proposals, and there are competing Republican and Democratic bills already introduced in Congress.

To examine the future of U.S. export controls, Hudson Institute held a panel discussion featuring current and former decision-makers.

Michael Froman, Panelist

Deputy Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Adviser for International Economic Affairs

Douglas Feith, Panelist

Hudson Senior Fellow and former Under Secretary of Defense

William Schneider Panelist

Hudson Adjunct Fellow and President, International Planning Services, Inc.; former Chairman, Defense Science Board and former Under Secretary of State

Brandt Pasco, Panelist

Attorney at Kaye Scholer LLP and former member of the National Security Council Task Force on Export Control Reform

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