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Canada's May 2nd National Election: Time for Political Reform?

Canadians have finally given Prime Minister Stephen Harper the parliamentary majority he has long sought– will he now pursue his ambitious agenda for reform of the House of Commons, the Canadian Senate, and other Canadian institutions? Will reform make Canadian politics more rational, or more dysfunctional?

Canadian author John Pepall has written an important new book on what is right and what is wrong with Canada’s political institutions and current proposals for reform — many of which have been advanced (without success) by Prime Minister Stephen Harper. From election reform, Senate reform, fixed election dates, parliamentary review of judicial appointments, recall of politicians, referenda, to changes to the strict party discipline that limits the independence of individual MPs—John Pepall is against all of them.

Paul Marshall, Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow

John Pepall, Panelist

Writer and Political Commentator

Christopher Sands, Panelist

Hudson Senior Fellow

Hudson Experts

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