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Doing Health Care Reform the Right Way- Putting the States Back in Charge

Hudson Institute was pleased to host Senator Orrin Hatch (R-UT), the Ranking Republican on the Senate Committee on Finance, as he laid out his ideas for meaningful reform of the American health care system. Sen. Hatch argued that, by empowering States to act as fifty laboratories of democracy, a decentralized reform effort will better address the particular needs of states and local communities. This approach worked in the highly successful welfare reform of the 1990s, and it, Sen. Hatch believes, will work again to bring down skyrocketing health care costs and reform unsustainable entitlement programs such as Medicaid.

Kenneth R. Weinstein, Introductory Remarks

Hudson Institute President & CEO

Tevi Troy, Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow and former Deputy Secretary of Health and Human Services

Orrin Hatch, Featured Speaker

United States Senator, (R-UT),

Hudson Experts

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