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Borders and Bridges: Recent Shifts in North American Relations

The United States, Canada, and Mexico came together to transform their economic relations with NAFTA sixteen years ago. The terrorist attacks of September 11th prompted a dramatic change in security relations among the three countries, particularly at their borders.

And now, amid a slow recovery from the global recession of 2009, do these nations still share a common agenda and a will to work together?

Political scientists Monica Gattinger and Geoffrey Hale look to the future of cross-border cooperation and North American relations in their new book, Borders and Bridges: Canada’s Policy Relations in North America (Oxford University Press, 2010).

Christopher Sands, Moderator

Hudson Senior Fellow

Geoffrey Hale Panelist

Associate Professor, School of Political Studies, University of Lethbridge, and author

Kevin O'Shea, Panelist

Minister (Political), Embassy of Canada

Greg Anderson, Panelist

University of Alberta

Bernard Brister, Panelist

Royal Military College of Canada

Hudson Experts

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