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After the Election: Can the New Congress Repeal Health Care Reform?

Many victorious candidates in the newly elected Republican-controlled House campaigned on repealing health care reform. But with the Senate remaining under Democratic control, what will become of efforts to“repeal and replace” President Obama’s Affordable Care Act? Hudson Institute hosted a forum on Thursday, November 4 to examine the future of health care in light of the election results.

Hanns Kuttner, Moderator

Hudson Visiting Fellow

Doug Badger, Panelist

Partner in the Nickles Group and former deputy assistant to President George W. Bush for legislative affairs

James C. Capretta, Panelist

Fellow, Ethics and Public Policy Center and former Senate and Office of Management and Budget staffer

Thomas P. Miller, Panelist

Resident Fellow, American Enterprise Institute and former economist with the Joint Economic Committee

Nina Owcharenko, Panelist

Former Senate health staffer and Director, health policy studies, Heritage Foundation

Tevi Troy, Panelist

Hudson Visiting Senior Fellow and former Deputy Secretary of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Hudson Experts

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