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Governance Talks

Governance Talks

Private event hosted by Hudson Institute in partnership with the Observer Research Foundation and the ZEIT-Stiftung.


From May 2nd to 4th, Hudson Institute hosted a three day conference on international governance and diplomacy as part of an ongoing series of talks cosponsored by the Observer Research Foundation and the Zeit-Stiftung. Following previous conferences in India and Germany, this was the first of the series held in the United States. Sessions on the first day covered lessons for the international community extrapolated from the drawdown in Afghanistan, shifting security dynamics in the Middle East, and the influences of a changing political landscape in America. On the second day, panelists and participants discussed the balance of power in East Asia, how to manage competing interests of environmental sustainability and economic growth in developing countries, and the challenges for cybersecurity and sovereignty faced around the world today. The conference concluded with a networking brunch for participants.

Vivan Sharan Organizer & Speaker

Chief Executive, Global Governance Initiative, Observer Research Foundation, India

Sascha Suhrke Organizer & Speaker

Program Director Governance, ZEIT-Stiftung, Germany

Husain Haqqani Organizer & Speaker

Senior Fellow & Director, South & Central Asia, Hudson Institute, USA

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