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Strategic Deterrence Forces: Ready & Relevant for the 21st Century

Strategic Deterrence Forces: Ready & Relevant for the 21st Century New York Discussion Series

In recent months, both China and Russia have grabbed news headlines around the world for their increasingly assertive behavior. China is developing satellite-killing missiles that would weaponize space and Russia has provoked serious concerns with the dramatic increase in their strategic nuclear bomber incursions near U.S. air defense space. Coupled with the rise and spread of radical Islam in the Middle East, these developments pose perplexing strategic challenges for the United States and our allies.

On Thursday, October 9, 2014 the Commander of the United States Strategic Command, Admiral Cecil D. Haney, discussed the strategic challenges facing the United States and what to about them. This breakfast marked the second event in our Fall 2014 New York speaker series and featured a discussion with the top military officer responsible for the global command and control of our nation’s strategic nuclear warfighting forces.

This was a rare opportunity to hear the Commander of the U.S. Strategic Command explore the state of our nuclear deterrent, threats to U.S. space and information systems, weapons of mass destruction, and the numerous geostrategic challenges posed around the world.

Admiral Haney, a Naval Academy graduate who has been decorated many times over a long and distinguished career, is a forthright advocate for U.S. strategic interests.

Admiral Cecil D. Haney Speaker

Commander, United States Strategic Command

William Luti Moderator

Vice President, Hudson Institute

Hudson Experts

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